Click each option below to expand details.


Click the BACK button 2 times. This will bring up the main menu on the left of your screen. This is your main control area where you choose the category you are looking to use.

MY LIST (Favorites)

This is where all your movies, TV shows and channels that you put a star on will go. This makes finding all your shows much easier. You can navigate this screen with your UP – DOWN – RIGHT – LEFT controls or like all the other screens there is a shortcut screen at the top right that says ALL MY LIST that will allow you to search by category. One of the best features with the shortcut menu here is the MY TV GUIDE option that takes all your favorite channels and turns it into your own personal TV Guide. When looking through CHANNELS, MOVIES, or TV SHOWS and you find something you are interested in watching, it is a good idea to put it in your MY LIST. To do this you simply toggle over to the show you are interested in and hold the ENTER button until a white star appears in the upper right corner of the show.


There are a couple of ways to navigate the movie section. Option 1 is to click the DOWN button located at the bottom of the large enter button. You can continue hitting the DOWN button until you reach a category you are interested in. Then use the RIGHT and LEFT buttons to navigate through the movies or TV shows. Option 2 is to go to the very top on the right of your screen and click on the ALL GENRES button. This will bring up a shortcut menu with the same categories you saw with Option 1, but if you choose a category from here, it’s easier to navigate thru the movies or TV shows. Not all movies are listed in these categories, so if you do not see what you are looking for, go to the SEARCH option and it will most likely show up there.


This is your 290 channel TV guide you would see with any cable provider. There are a couple of cool features that will help you navigate your TV guide with ease. As with all the categories there is a shortcut bar at the top right that says US. This will allow you to sort the channels by the category you choose from the list. After youchoose the show, click enter and the show will play on your TV. If you click the up button, you will see a blue arrow, and next to the blue arrow is a button that has 3 lines commonly referred to as the Hamburger button. If you click on that it will bring up a TV guide just for that channel, so you can see what shows come on next without having to leave your show and go back to the TV guide. Other features located at the top of your screen are the Subtitles option and your TV Sleep Timer. These features are only available if you are watching a show. You click the UP button one time then navigate using the RIGHT and LEFT buttons.


Click BACK button 2 times to main menu, Toggle up to the search feature and click enter – choose:  MOVIE – you can say the name of the movie or the name of an actor or director– TV SHOW –you can say the name of the TV show or the name of an actor or director of the show – CHANNEL – you can say the name of the program you are looking for or the name of the sporting event or the name of the channel. Click on the large SEARCH bar at the top of the screen and the typing screen will appear. This is the only place that you can use the microphone. Say what you are looking for or type it in – Press the ENTER button, press NEXT, choose from options on the right.


The RECENT category will show you all the channels you have recently played. It is a good idea to click on the BROOM at the top right and clean this out once a month. It does use memory from your Firestick to store these shows and could possibly slow down your system in the future. You can easily toggle back and forth from a couple of channels from here.


This is a great tool to search for channels to put into your MY LIST. Option 1 is to use your UP- DOWN-RIGHT-LEFT controls to navigate through the channels, Option 2 use the shortcut bar at the top right of the screen that says ALL CHANNELS. This will break up the channels into different categories.


This category has all your recorded sporting events and is available for you to watch 1 to 3 days after the event. For easy navigation go to the shortcut menu at the top right of the screen that says ALL SPORTS.